Alone together. Out here, such a state does exist. People live and visit here because they want a piece of the outdoors to themselves. At the same time, a certain like-mindedness about a preference for solitude creates a kinship. People in Libby understand why that’s important. They let you alone, but they don’t hesitate to help when you need it. This local code of sorts defines our businesses.

More than 150 years of dependency on natural resources — mining and timber — are being overturned quicker than early settlers could get from point A to point B. The long-term fluctuation of these industries has meant a strengthening of Libby’s commitment to broadening economic strategies. Today, budding technology and growing infrastructure, plus the Chamber of Commerce’s tools for developing entrepreneurship, are laying the groundwork for successful new businesses. But not all is focused on the shiny and new. Work is well underway to support existing businesses’ expansion in The Kootenai and beyond.

The growing health care industry in Lincoln County is one such example. But with investment coming in — in the form of cash, time, ideas, commitment — focusing on one would be neglecting the whole. It’s the business atmosphere. It’s the spark in the air. Skilled labor demand is growing. New restaurants are cooking. Tourists are flocking in.

So sure, you can go at it alone and take advantage of the area’s forward changes — and we’ll respect you for it — but you should know that there are helping hands of many kinds should you need one.

One such hand is that of the Kootenai River Development Council. The KRDC contributes to Libby’s fertile business foundation by providing leadership and access to local, state and federal resources. The KRDC is dedicated to cultivating community health and economic growth in Lincoln County. They’d tell you that the time to get in on the ground floor is now.


Hunting for a new job or exploring a different career path? Libby area employers are often looking for qualified candidates. These resources can help:

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