People in Libby punch in at work at the start of the day. Then punch out a couple miles on the bike or running a trail at day’s end. It’s a work hard / play harder kind of mentality here. And that’s only natural when you have such great culture and outdoor amenities right outside your door. Some people in other cities have pictures of mountains on their walls. Us, too. They’re called windows.

The right kind of remote.

No gates. No fees. No crowds. In other words, perfect.


You call it local color, we call it local character. Label it what you want, but we're proud of it.

The area

The Kootenai may be easy to get to, but it's not the easiest place to want to leave.


Four distinct seasons, all of which may occur during the same day. But nature has a way of always getting you going.

Make the most of it.

The Kootenai brings people together from all walks of life.

The land

On the lake. In the hills. Surrounded by forests. Right downtown. Real estate just depends on the views you're after.


Our environment

We can't talk about our affordable real estate and robust health care sector without touching the topic that got us here.


Roots & resources

Our history lies in natural resources. Today, smart, hardworking people and a clean bill of health are Libby's strongest assets.