We begin the day with a refreshing hike in the woods. Or we ride miles and miles on our bikes through some of the most scenic views in the lower 48. Then we count ourselves lucky sitting under the stars until we invariably end up counting our partner’s zzzz’s. Be sure to book your massage right when you get to town — your adventure aches will thank you!

Family Adventure

"Our kids weren't climbing the walls — just boulders, hills and into a booth for ice cream."

Step back in time. Pan for gold in the Libby Creek Recreational Area where what you find is yours to keep. Visit the Heritage Museum to learn more about the area's rich past. Kids can explore fields full of old machinery, including an original locomotive from the logging era, or head inside for exhibits on steamboats, the Kootenai tribal people, wildlife, the fur trade and so much more.

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Hiking Trails

"You think you’ve seen it all. Then there are 200 more trails."

The farthest reaches of Montana are also its best. Have a few hours to kill? Walk through ancient cedar groves lined with giant plush ferns right outside town and feel as though you've escaped this world for another. For days of solitude, throw everything into your pack and trek into pristine, unexplored wilderness to discover the untapped mystique of The Kootenai.

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Mountain Biking

"I’m not sure what screamed louder — my tires or me."

Libby has the hills and thrills covered for your two-wheeled adventures. And what Mother Nature didn't provide, the community has created. From bike park pump track to scenic single track through the mountains, every ride offers its own level of adrenaline and every rider finds his or her pleasure.

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Road Cycling

"Rain or shine, there's no doubt about pedaling it out."

In The Kootenai, unforgettable routes outnumber cars. Gravel roads. Scenic paved byways. Designated cycling paths. Pick your surface and go ride. Feel like sharing the experience? Jump in with fellow cyclers for the Annual Scenic Tour of the Kootenai River (STOKR) in May or join Le Tour de Koocanusa in August and its post-ride Blues Music Festival.

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Fishing & Boating

"Here, people let the fish on the walls tell the stories for them."

Unlike most Montana rivers that are plagued by low flows during the dog days of summer, the Kootenai River consistently flows year round thanks to the Libby Dam. And the big, broad Kootenai holds some very large fish indeed for the trophy-hunting anglers. Kootenai Falls is the last waterfall of the Columbia Basin, and these rugged waters still have a mind of their own.

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Lake Koocanusa

"Feels greater than all five of the Great Lakes combined."

Just like everything else in the area, Lake Koocanusa stands out as different — in a good way. Half in the U.S. and half in Canada, Lake Koocanusa offers more than 200 miles of accessible shoreline to its calm blue waters. The pine-lined beaches lead to secluded bays surrounded by jutting mountaintops that truly cut you off from the rest of the world.

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"I never thought I’d see the day I waved an elk through."

You don't come to Libby to get away from nature. Golfing here is no different. Tee off at the foot of the Cabinet Wilderness on this 18-hole course where watching your ball means keeping one eye on the beautiful views. Relax at the club with a bloody mary in hand before heading out for another round — if wildlife tales don't keep you inside for the afternoon.

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Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding at Turner Mountain

"No Lines. No Worries."

Turner Mountain, a volunteer-run mountain, located 23 miles north of Libby. With just one double chairlift and around 800 acres, here’s what makes it worth a visit: Turner gets around 300 inches of snowfall per year, and it’s closed Monday through Thursday. Which means if you show up on a Friday morning after a storm, you’ll have a week’s worth of fresh cords and powder waiting for you. Lift tickets cost just $38.

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Cross-Country Skiing

"I was short of breath just from the view."

It's never just for the exercise when you're exploring Libby's uncrowded outdoor wonders. Covered in snow, the Kootenai National Forest becomes a cross-country skiing paradise. Choose your adventure: groomed trails with a picnic shelter and fire ring or open-ridge trails leading to spectacular views of the Yaak and Kootenai.

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"You’ll never run out of trails. Gas? That’s all on you."

Get outdoors, throw on a helmet and conquer Libby's snowy terrain. Hundreds of miles of groomed trails are at your gloved fingertips, which means stunning views are a quick zip through the woods away. Each ride is distinct, with the option to visit warming huts or Forest Service lookouts. And if you're lucky, snowmobiling season will last most of the year in our hills.

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Motorcycling & OHVs

"There’s nothing like humming ‘Born to be Wild’ while riding in the wild."

Head out on the open trail. Thousands of miles of single track and seasonally opened, paved trails are yours for the riding in the Kootenai National Forest, Cabinet Ranger District, Libby Ranger District and Lake Koocanusa. For a real Montana escape, ride the connecting trails for a night at one of Libby's U.S. Forest Service lookouts — Gem Peak or Minton Peak.

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"I never slept better. Once I got used to hearing the owls."

With hundreds of campgrounds to choose from, any time is the right time to get away from civilization, disconnect from the digital world and set up camp. There's no worrying about light pollution here. For the truly self-reliant, every night of camping presents a new opportunity for discovering the perfect tent site — somewhere with no trace of humankind.

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Shooting Range

"Clays. Pistols. Long range. Pick any three."

Join in a deeply rooted Montana tradition. From the unpredictability of a bird on the wing to the satisfaction of nailing a personal best, you can have it all at the Lincoln County Shooting Complex. Even the scenic drive to the range is impressive. And that's before you start shooting.

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"This place is like a 6,000-acre trophy case."

Hunting is not a hobby in Libby — it's a tradition and a way of life. Our hunters have passed down their skills for generations, along with a powerful respect for the land and all of its inhabitants. The forests are full of big game for those who enjoy a trek into the woods. Whether as a regular pastime or a much-anticipated trip, hunting in the Kootenai is cherished. We agree, this land is a 6,000-acre trophy case.

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